There is always a first time… We started our adventure by creating the Marlboro Music concept for Romania, back in the 90’s. A few years later, for the first time, all major radio stations broadcasted our new program, an integrated mix platform, – marketing & advertising, Pepsi Music, simultaneously, same hour, nationwide.

Not much later, we produced the first TV commercials for EU funds in Romania, teaming with the domino line fall world champions, Weijers Domino.

Another first time, we won the bid for the production and post-production for the first HBO original production series in Central and Eastern Europe , “In Deriva”, a localization of the famous “In Treatment” series. Since then, we produced almost 100 episodes, in a four years time frame… For the first time, a Romanian team filmed in Tuscany, for “When Shall We Kiss” series…

For “first time” on the local market: all details of production, post-production and finance of a project are presented in a secured communication and project management tool, a Film Factor proprietary concept.

There is always a first time. It could be your first time to …work with us!


Our production


The first TV ad broadcasted in the UK was on ITV network, on September 21st 1955 and it was the successful ad for Gibbs SR toothpaste. Since then, ads have evolved constantly but… dramatically, and along with them, so… production and post have. Our team is always doing our best on improving quality, while retaining the core of the powerful creative stories.


Online advertising is the future alternative to Broadcast advertising. We work hard to get better quality products, across multiple online platforms. ``Longer miles`` in post- production help refining our products for client’s highest satisfaction.


Promoting business ideas for companies through audio-video productions, it is the right choice for a clear and professional communication tool. The engineering background of our project managers provides a better understanding of work processes.


Lights! Camera! Action! Handling million dollars projects…was quite delicate, but with a good organization and an efficient and secure cost control tool, we succeeded to provide ``fuel`` for HBO productions, performing with up to 72 actors, working with three shooting teams per day, on 57 locations, eventually not to mention 75,000 km run by the transport crew.

meet us

Production team

Tino Furtuna

Big Chief

Andrei Pietrosel

Chief Prod

Daniel Mitran

Chief Special Projects


There are always special and interesting moments we share from our shooting days. A measure of the joy that makes us accomplish most difficult tasks, snap shots of intense moments of our lives.

IQads News
January 28th

[An productie: 2018] 3 noutati din registrele Film Factor. In distributie: chefi din Orient pescuind prin Delta si un cascador aproape-inghetat
Un material din care aflam si despre intalnirea Film Factor cu agentia Marcel Paris si lantul hotelier Accor Ibis, proiect pentru care s-a filmat in zona Sibiului, cu figuratia a 300 de oi cu spirit de echipa si eroismul unui cascador aproape-inghetat.